Trustworthy design for an ethical mountain charity.

The Client

Design Hero had worked with the Kilimanjaro Climbing Company on their brand identity and brochures and was now asked to work on an independent brand identity for the Kilimanjaro Mountain Trust in Africa.

The Brief

The Kilimanjaro Mountain Trust is the charitable arm of the Kilimanjaro Climbing Company. The aim of the Trust is to raise money through charitable means that can be distributed to organisation that either have an impact on the lives of the people who work on Kilimanjaro or have a beneficial environmental impact to Kilimanjaro or its surrounding area.


Kilimanjaro Mountain Trust


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Services Provided

Brand Identity

It was decided that KMT's brand identity must be totally seperate from the KCC's and so Design Hero started afresh by looking at the Kilimanjaro Mountain Trust's ethos and beliefs. The idea of sharing the mountain in a mutually beneficial and non-destructive way led to the concept of a pair of hands, offered palms upwards a sign of sharing and trust. The silhouette of these hands take the form of an iconic view of Kilimanjaro framed by the setting African sun.

Colour Scheme


The fonts used for the KMT had to be distinctly African but also friendly and thoughtful to represent the charitable side of the Trust.
Two fonts were used: one for the logo and another for headers and body text for increased legibility. Guidelines for font weights and proportions were given to create structured and stand-out typography for the brand.

Peter Dignan
Kilimanjaro Mountain Trust

Design Hero visually captured everything the charity represents in the design of the logo.