A new website for an exciting new sport

The Client

Bubble Soccer Scotland is an exciting new sport where paticipants play football enclosed in inflatable bubbles, making a simple sport into something even more fun. The site was to represent some of this madness and fun while reflecting existing branding.

The Brief

Bubble Soccer asked Design Hero to create a new website for an exciting new sport called Bubble Soccer which is sweeping across Scotland with a new centre in Inverclyde catering to players from Greenock, Gourock and Port Glasgow with friendly and action packed matches.


Bubble Soccer Scotland


Greenock, Inverclyde

Services Provided
Company Website

Web Design

The Website was to be designed in accordance with the existing branding, and to reflect the fun chaotic nature of the sport. Hexagons and angled lines were used to break up the order of the site, with a gallery, a news feed, contact form and information on the company and locations included. It had to attract as many new customers as possible for the new venue opening in Inverclyde, drawing from potential markets in Greenock, Port Glasgow and Gourock.

  • Homepage

    Design Hero used elements from the logo to create tile thumbnails to navigate the website. From the homepage the user is invited to visit the various pages of the website. In the background full page photography is used to present an action packed image of the sport on every page.

  • About

    This page captures the spirit of the company with information on bookings and FAQs presented in a visual manner, along with media promoting Bubble Soccer as an activity.

  • Media

    Bubble Soccer Scotland asked for Design Hero to allow for displaying media from events all over Scotland, including their main venues in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Greenock. Each thumbnail expands into a lightbox overlay to give a better view with a short description included.

  • News

    Design Hero created an updating events page with each article presented in an offset hexagon to break up the grid and introduce some choas to the site.

  • Venues

    Each location is presented in it's own tile, with address and pricing in neat heirarchy. each tile links to a google map location of Bubble Soccer Scotland's facilities.

  • Contact

    Design Hero created a contact form for Bubble Soccer Scotland which allows users to contact the business directly by entering their details which are forwarded to the client's email server.