Bespoke Design for Local offers & services.

The Client

MyLocal4Me is a marketing company offering deals from local businesses and advertising opportunities in the form of vouchers wich are sold to customers for benefits and discounts. MyLocal4Me operate in Glasgow, Perth and Dundee and are based in Argyll & Bute.

The Brief

Design Hero was tasked with designing an umbrella brand for MyLocal4Me which was to encompass several faces of the brand operating in a number of different locales, namely Glasgow, Dundee and Perth.




Glasgow, Perth, Dundee

Services Provided
Web, Graphic, Branding.
Brand Identity
Banner Advertising
Newspaper Advertising

Brand Identity

MyLocal4me is the umbrella brand for a marketing and advertising group operating a nubmer of sub-brands, each tailored to a locale. Design Hero was asked to design each brand aswell as a website representing each location for the umbrella brand around a central themed template. The sub-brands used a commno colour range and visual style while being tailored to each location using a landmark or idea well known to the area. Each brand was also accompaneid by it's own unique colour scheme

Sub Brands

The G12.

The sub brand for the West End of Glasgow


The sub brand for Dundee.


The sub brand for Perth.

Discount Vouchers

Graphic Design


Design hero created a template to be used for each company to present their offers to the customers.

Advertising Website

Web Design

MyLocal4Me is a hub site which branches to various umbrella brands for specific locales such as Glasgow, Dundee and Perth to offer advertising opportunities for businesses, and discount deals for customers. The homepage features a large call to action banner which is covered by a slider as the user scrolls. Banner adverts are kept visible to the user at all times.

  • Homepage

    The homepage was intended as a high impact call to action which would be hidden by content as the user scrolled...

  • Discount Vouchers

    ...A slider reveals page content while ocncealing the call to action, making the most of screen space in an efficient design. Each page has a list of vouchers which can be downloaded by the user as a PDF, or used for printing.

  • Advertising

    The page is used for advertising, with a dedicates sidebar for paid adverts.

  • Employment

    The website is also used as a portal for employment for young students to sell the vouchers to customers and promote local businesses.

  • Contact

    A user friendly contact page was needed as a way to sign customers up to the newsletter.