AGM Property & Project Management

The Client

AGM Property & Project management is a new startup business ran by experts with years in the industry.

The Brief

Design Hero was asked to create a strong and bold brand identity which would represent this new business innovative appraoch to project management and dedication to quality.


AGM Property and& Project Management



Services Provided
Web, Graphic, Branding.

Brand Identity

The brand was to reflect AGM's core values of innovation and a focus on quality. The logo was simple but bold with a chunky font to inspire trust in AGM, with a play on the shadow on the A to form a house icon, immediatley converying the industry in which AGM operate.

Colour Scheme


The typography uses Montserrat, a sturdy sans serif font which reflects the boldness and trustworthiness of AGM, with a carefully considered heirarchy of headers an, font sizes and colours.

Graphic Design

Business Cards

Standard size, premium gloss finish with black gloss foil logo

Web Design

The Website for AGM was built from scratch as way of protraying their portfolio of clients and impressive attention to detail.