Attention to Detail in every design.

The Client

Richard Robb Archtiects is a small but highly competent Archtiects practice in Gourock, Inverclyde. The practice operates from a studio in Gourock on a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects nationwide. Richard Robb Architects pride themselves on close client relations and quality architectural services.

The Brief

Design Hero worked on the corporate identity for Richard Robb Architects, developed a new website, managed social media marketing and created a whole suite of branded stationery and graphic design for the business, expanding brand awareness in key target areas such as Greenock, Gourock, Inverkip and Port Glasgow in Inverclyde.


Richard Robb Architects


Gourock, Inverclyde

Services Provided
Web, Graphic, Branding.

Brand Identity

When Design Hero started working with Richard Robb Architects from their studio in Gourock there was no singular brand identity to speak of. The brand was constrained by several existing visual elements in the office and company stationery such as a city skyline and an existing font. Design Hero worked with these elements to build a unified brand identity around these constraints.

Clean lines, generous white space and repeating geometry as well as the careful use of greyscale were used as themes throughout the brand to create a very professional, pristine feel to the architecural practice.

The logo was assembled from a skyline graphics used on the studio windows and the text was rearranged to sit more neatly in the logo as well as adding more contrast between text lines to bring out Richard Robb as the principal architect. The address was added as a tagline to the logo though the logo can be used independently with or without it.


Graphic Design

Design hero designed company stationery and accessories to display the new brand image in as many mediums as possible. The stationery was designed to promote a premium, professional look to the company when interfacing with clients and goverment bodies via letters, email and face to face encounters.

Corporate Stationery

  • Drawing Templates
  • Fee Invoices
  • Standard Letters
  • Invoices
  • Meeting Minutes
  • and more...

Business Cards

Standard size, premium gloss finish with silver foil logo

Seasonal Marketing

Branded Christmas cards were sent to the client list and associated contractors and agencies from Richard Robb Architects shortly before christmas as a way of greeting. The minimalist approach to greyscale, colour and lines was again used to create a professional look unique to Richard Robb Architects

  Email Forms

for use with outlook
  • Branded email signatures with active links and effects.

Web Design

Design Hero aimed for the Website design to promote Richard Robb Architect's work and services while reinforcing the new brand identity throughout the site. The site uses open areas of whitespace to emphasize the parts that are important and carefully controlled typography to create a site structure that stands out from other architectural design practices in Greenock and Inverclyde.

  • Home

    The homepage for Richard Robb Architects features a full spread slideshow featuring the best work by Richard Robb Architects, each photo linking to various pages of the web site. The site navigation is simple and obvious, located as a footer lower on the page to frame the main content.
  • Services

    A patterned background was used to add a contrast between foreground images and the starkness of the whitespace. The serif typography used in the logo is used for headers while a suitable sans-serif font is used for body text and subitles, creating a nice contrast that makes the text on the site pop.
  • Staff

    Staff bios are displayed with effects for staff photos which reveal themselves when the user hovers over the portrait.
  • Projects

    A projects hub page was used to promote highlighted projects. Neat thumbnails emphasize the importance of each project with a patterned hover effect on each thumb revealing the project details and location.
  • Projects

    Each project page is structured with strong photography as the focus with a column for project descritpions and any logos for commercial and industrial projects. The images are viewed using a fading slideshow.
  • Contact

    A contact form was design by Design Hero to allow clients to contact Richard Robb Architects directly through the site without risk of spam. A location map for the studio is also provided which links to the business listed created on Google Maps. The contact details were stylized by simplistic icons outlined in a single grey stroke. This minimalist approach to the icons draws attention to the company contact details.