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The Client

Tweetiepie Media is a young, dynamic company based in Greenock primarily offering full social media management as well as consultancy options for small to medium sized businesses, expanding online presence and reputation all over Inverclyde, Glasgow and Argyll & Bute.

The Brief

Design Hero was tasked with designing a budget compact single page website for Tweetiepie Media's social media services as well as flyers advertising the business.


Tweetiepie Media


Greenock, Inverclyde

Services Provided
Web, Graphics.
Marketing Flyers

Graphic Design


Design Hero created an A4 flyer which advertises and promotes the services of Tweetiepie Media, namely social media and marketing services. This included design of bespoke graphics and icons which communicate the company process, and tables for clearly displaying price plans.

Single Page Website

Web Design

Tweetiepie Media was looking for Design Hero to design a website or a single page minisite advertising the services, prices and benefits offered by Tweetiepie Media to clients. Design Hero was responsbile for the design and coding of the site as well as all graphics on the site.

  • Single Page Minisite

    The site built on themes around the brand using imagery of eggs, birds and nests to liven the site. The site was built as one continuous scrolling page with faded bird tracks leading the user down the page. Large blocks of text were broken up by bespoke graphics designed by Design Hero.

  • Social Media Integration

    Design Hero designed custom social media links for the website with hover actions based around Tweetiepie Media's brand and a prominent call to action.

  • Price Plans

    Design Hero presented all information on the site in a vibrant and exciting way which draws the eye of the user and encourages users to read more.

  • Contact Form

    The Site footer contaiend a dynamic enquiry form and a Twitter feed directly linknig to Tweetiepie Media's own twitter account to keep the site constantly refreshed with new content.

Elizabeth Todd
Tweetiepie Media

I approached Design Hero with a rough spec for the website, he took my brief and came up with a great design: easy to navigate and exactly what I needed at a very reasonable cost