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The Client

Stoodatours offers affordable weekend tours throughout the student term from Glasgow to Oban in Argyll & Bute. This gives students the chance to explore the beautiful Argyll &o; Bute countryside in an interesting and affordable way.

The Brief

Design Hero provided brand identity services with a logo design for Stoodatours. Design Hero also created promotional flyers for encouraging sales to students in Glasgow.




Argyll & Bute

Services Provided
Graphic, Branding.

Brand Identity

The final logo is a map showing a tour route along a riverbank sat atop a graduate's hat. The logo was designed to be multi-faceted in it's meaning; the hat suggests the student demographic; the mountains and water as the sights and opportunities to be had in Argyll & Bute; and the road as the tour routes.
The final logo can be used with or without the Tagline and is also provided in Grayscale format. The logo should be used on a white background whenever possible, though it will also work on pale and dark background colours or Photography.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is designed to be exciting and appealing but also thoughtful and informative, in keeping with the targeted student tour market. The use of gradients has been used to add depth and flexability. These colours can be used for taglines or promotional slogans as well as photography, and promotional materials.


The font used for Stoodatours is playful, fun and thoughtful. The font is used according to strict proportions in order to preserve the heirarchy of the typhography. the brand guidelines were set out by Design Hero in a brand identity document and presented to Stoodatorus for references.

Brand in Use
Brand in Use

Graphic Design


Design hero designed a flyer advertising Stoodatours' value getaways for students. The flyer features a cropped book with an image of Oban punching through the text in the company's slogan. This imagery suggests the hidden gems waiting to be discovered when the students venture out into Argyll & Bute to explore their own country.

A4 Marketing Flyer
Elizabeth Todd

I went to Design Hero with just a name and no idea as to what I wanted the brand to be. He took these vague ideas and turned them into strong brand that has developed over time.