Isle of Mine

The Client

Isle of Mine is the brand name for an artist who creates collections of bespoke handcrafted art items sourced from natural materials collected from all over Scotland.

The Brief

Design Hero was asked to develop a brand that reflected the unique handcrafted nature of the business, and convey the love, attention and labour given to each item.


Isle of Mine



Services Provided
Web, Branding, Graphics.

Brand Identity

The logomark represents the scottish locatiosn from which the materials were sourced, as well as the artistic boutique nature of the business.

Colour Scheme



Graphic Design

Design hero designed stationery for Isle of Mine, as well as bespoke cards for each item, explaining where the materials were sourced from. Design Hero also worked on applying graphics for the brand across a range of mediums including social media, web and print.

Business Cards

Standard size, premium gloss finish

Packaging Cards

Bespoke cards with each item which details the location of materials sourced and the outlining how each item was made.

Web Design

Design Hero created a website to represent the unique items sold by Isle of Mine, and promote the ethos of high quality hand crafted items.

Imogen Craven
Isle of Mine