Digital Art & Illustrations

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Bobblehead Dogs

A series of cartoon dogs with famous heads.

The Blues

A blues singer in a dimly lit smoke-filled club.


An illustration of the infamous Challenger space shuttle tragedy in 1986

Joker Prince

A custom Joker for a card Deck.

Das Filth

An illustration made for a cd cover for an alternative music band.

Envious Cat.

An envious cat eyes the dog in the choice spot by the fire.

Holly Willoughby.

A day at the beach.

Gas Masked Man

An unknown man in a gas mask looks out over an apocalyptic landscape.


A recreation of the pianting from hit TV series "Heroes"

Scarlet Johannson

The one and only.


A glowing jellyfish hangs in the depths.


Why so Serious?

Red Letter Day

A man clutches to his belongings in a riot in an unknown location.

Spilled Paint

does what it says on the tin.

Spotlight Girl

A fair haired girl washed out by the spotlight

Star Wars

A pop art version of Star Wars


An illustration of a retro dial-up Telephone